Electronics is our passion and, because of that, we have continued with the publication of Nueva Electrónica, one the veteran magazines in this area, which has been in the Spanish-speaking market since the beginning of the 80's. We have been publishing it in electronic format.
Electronics and programming
We could not be limited to the magazine pages. We have many more things to tell, and that is why we also publish electronics and/or programming books.
The name Board and Book wasn’t chosen at random: our books often come with a board so that their contents can be put into practice.
Children's books
Part of our team comes from the world of Children’s Education, so we have opened our doors to children's books. These books are not simple tales. They invite the children to interact with them as the story unfolds. This helps kids to develop their creativity, imagination and skills while introducing them to daily life activities.
We offer you our resources and experience to help you publish your own books. From the idea to the distribution phase, we get you through the whole process. We take care of anything you want: design, layout, printing, ISBN and legal deposit paperwork, distribution, and sale.
We can also create a book tailored to your needs about the topics we master. As regards electronics, we can even take care of the design and production of your own electronic board or a component kit to complement your book.
Web development
There are hundreds of companies designing branding websites or on-line shops. That is not our focus. If you are looking for something more complex or concrete, something that is dynamic, that manages databases, that processes information or creates reports adapted to your needs, then contact us and we will assess your needs.
We have experts in html, css, php, javascript, mysql, among others.
Electronic development
We do not only develop boards for publications. Our team can also develop embedded systems, interfaces, or hardware or software applications, according to your needs.